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For those who might not have read my more extensive introduction, Red Door is a celebration of plays that I – for various and extremely personal reasons – really dig. They are also works that I regard as key developments, as significant steps in the unfolding story of our theatre. They are by no means the only steps, or even necessarily the most important, but they are all in their own ways fascinating and distinctive works.

Here is the latest release from Red Door, Tom Holloway's 100 Reasons for War. 

Commissioned by Blue Cow Theatre Artistic Director, Robert Jarman, this is Holloway's response to a century of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’, 100 years after Gallipoli. Where many of the works commissioned across Australia for this centenary played in to its more sentimental aspects, this work takes a far more fragmented, postmodern view. Rather than dwell on the particularities of Australia’s participation in WW1, 100 Reasons ponders the nature of war – its intentions, its failures and, indirectly, its contributions to society.

You'll find more of my thoughts on this bold and passionate piece of theatre on the AustralianPlays.org blog, and don't forget to checkout our video interview with Peter for more insights into the development of his hilarious and biting script. 

Tom Healey,
Red Door Curator

LATEST RELEASE: 100 Reasons for War by Tom Holloway

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Grandly ambitious, 100 Reasons for War is Tom Holloway’s funny, angry, provocative and ultimately optimistic response to a century of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’, 100 years after Gallipoli.

"This is a bold, passionate and utterly human text which tackles its subject with humour, humility and intelligence.
– Tom Healey, Red Door curator


 Tom Healey in conversation with Tom Holloway.