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For those who might not have read my more extensive introduction, Red Door is a celebration of plays that I – for various and extremely personal reasons – really dig. They are also works that I regard as key developments, as significant steps in the unfolding story of our theatre. They are by no means the only steps, or even necessarily the most important, but they are all in their own ways fascinating and distinctive works.

Here is the latest release from Red Door, Jane Bodie's A Single Act. Jane has a tremendous touch as a playwright for conjuring the frailty of humanity. Her plays are often hilarious, always deeply sensual and feature strong and affecting atmospherics. You can read more about A Single Act, on the AustralianPlays.org blog, and be sure to check out the interview presented below, which offers some nice insights into the development of this work and the career of the artist who crafted it. 

Tom Healey,
Red Door Curator

LATEST RELEASE: A Single Act by Jane Bodie

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A Single Act follows the relationships between two couples, Scott and Michelle and Neil and Clea, after a devastating terrorist attack in the city where they live.

"Jane Bodie's play combines a stylised structure with naturalistic, domestic detail to great effect...Bodie's dialogue is intelligent, often witty and cleverly observed." -The Age

 Tom Healey in conversation with Jane Bodie