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For those who might not have read my more extensive introduction, Red Door is a celebration of plays that I – for various and extremely personal reasons – really dig. They are also works that I regard as key developments, as significant steps in the unfolding story of our theatre. They are by no means the only steps, or even necessarily the most important, but they are all in their own ways fascinating and distinctive works.

Here is the latest release from Red Door, Andrew Upton's Hanging Man

Many plays are being, and will continue to be written about our troubled colonial legacy (Bovell’s Secret River, Christian’s The Governor’s Family) but Upton's response, of planting it into the present as subtext, as the ontological experience of twenty-first century white Australia, is provocative, fascinating and, I hope, inspiring for the plays yet to be written around this most feared and fundamental theme.

Tom Healey,
Red Door Curator

LATEST RELEASE: Hanging Man by Andrew Upton

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Following the death of their mother, a family is faced with the future of their father’s estate, an esteemed painter who abandoned them and fathered a son with another woman.

"Hanging Man tackles what I feel is one of the most challenging issues that will face white Australia in the next generation, namely this sense of patriarchy and privilege which is our colonial legacy. The question of how to cope with it gracefully, sensitively and, above all, collectively, is the great challenge facing us in this generation." 

– Tom Healey, Red Door curator


 Tom Healey in conversation with Andrew Upton

Image credits (L-R): Helen Dallimore, Steve Jacobs and Tiriel Mora in Sydney Theatre Company’s 2002 production, directed by Robyn Nevin. Photo: Heidrun Lohr ©