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For those who might not have read my more extensive introduction, Red Door is a celebration of plays that I – for various and extremely personal reasons – really dig. They are also works that I regard as key developments, as significant steps in the unfolding story of our theatre. They are by no means the only steps, or even necessarily the most important, but they are all in their own ways fascinating and distinctive works.

Here is the latest release from Red Door, Peter Houghton's A Commercial Farce. 

What I love most about this text (and about Houghton’s writing in general) is that while it works as pure, side-splitting entertainment, its glossy surface conceals some serious and sometimes savage themes, which drive the frantic comedy. What could be glib, or even cheap, slowly metamorphoses as the play unfolds and the tragic elements beneath the surface rise and take over the main action.

You'll find more of my thoughts on this seamless and incredibly smart piece of theatre on the AustralianPlays.org blog, and don't forget to checkout our video interview with Peter for more insights into the development of his hilarious and biting script. 

Tom Healey,
Red Door Curator

LATEST RELEASE: A Commercial Farce by Peter Houghton

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Bill is a clapped out, middle aged theatre director hoping to save his finances and his marriage by scoring a hit with his production. But the farce of Bill's life and the farce they're rehearsing get horribly entangled... with murderous results.

"Houghton takes the opportunity in this text to address directly the questions of what theatre is, what it could be and what it might become." - Tom Healey


 Tom Healey in conversation with Peter Houghton