Script Submissions

For inclusion in the Australian Script Centre Collection and listing at


Please read the following information carefully before you begin your submission at the bottom of this page.


The ASC accepts professionally written, production-ready performance scripts for stage and radio across a range of styles and genres. We only accept work by Australian writers and encourage playwrights at all stages of their career to submit their plays to us, provided that the work meets the following eligibility criterion:

  • You hold publication rights; in other words, the script has not been exclusively licensed to another publisher

AND at least one of the following;

  • The script has received a professional production and/or an independent production,
  • The script has been through a professional script development workshop,
  • The script has received a favourable written assessment by an industry-recognised professional,
  • The writer has a letter of support from an industry-recognised professional,
  • The script has won or been shortlisted for a major Australian prize, or
  • The script is written by an established playwright.

Please note that, while we do not accept musicals (where all or nearly all the text is sung), we do accept plays with music (where most of the text is dialogue, with occasional songs).

Selection criteria

It is important to note that eligibility does not guarantee acceptance. Only a relatively small proportion of scripts submitted are accepted into the catalogue and it is completely at the Centre's discretion to reject scripts that are not considered to rate sufficiently highly against the selection criteria.

Eligible scripts are assessed against the following criteria;

  • Literary merit, understood to encompass writing ability, style, skilled use of language, appropriateness of form, stagecraft, characterisation, clarity of expression and sustained development of themes or ideas.
  • Potential to engage the intended audience


  • We do not accept scripts without express permission from copyright holders.
  • Your script must not include material that you do not have permission to use. 
  • Where multiple playwrights are credited to a work, we will obtain permission from all copyright holders if your submission is successful.
  • If a script has been previously published but is now out of print, we ask you to provide confirmation, in writing, that the rights have reverted to you.

Submitting a script

Submissions are only accepted electronically, via this online form. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact us

The ASC does not provide a script development or editing service and we cannot accept scripts that do not meet a professional standard. This includes scripts that have not been properly proofread, paginated or checked for other mistakes. Scripts should be clearly formatted and easy to read. If you are unsure of an appropriate format, see our sample script format

We aim for a fast turnaround but it’s not always possible due to the high number of submissions we receive. You should allow up to six weeks for your submission to be assessed and we will advise you of the outcome by email.