A conversation with Lally Katz

10 Jun 2011



"When I was younger I was very scared of plot, because I didn't know how to do it... I've always trusted my subconcious but my concious has taken a long time to catch up."



Lally Katz was born in New Jersey and her family moved to Canberra when she was a child. She wrote her first play for her classmates at the age of 16 and has written more than 20 full-length works since then.  One of her early successes was The Black Swan of Trespass in 2003, a collaboration with director Chris Kohn, with whom she formed the company Stuck Pigs Squealing. 

Her career trajectory has been extraordinary and 2011 is a watershed year for the 32-year-old. She has three new plays opening – A Golem Story for the Malthouse, Neighbourhood Watch for Belvoir Street and Return to Earth for Melbourne Theatre Company - and two new productions of older plays.

Female playwrights may be underrepresented on the Australian stage, but Katz's is one female voice that's being heard loud and clear.

 AustralianPlays.org's Tom Healey sat down with Lally to talk about her about craft, her sources of inspiration and what it takes to forge a successful career in theatre.


Part 1 - Lally and Tom talk about her work in 2011 ...


Part 2 - Lally talks about craft, and how her process has developed....

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