A rom-com for the Fringe

29 Aug 2012

AustralianPlays.org reports on an Australian play on stage


Fringe festivals are a time of new discoveries, for audiences and participants alike.

We caught up with a debut playwright called Monica Zanetti. She's preparing a show called Still Seeking Other, which opens on 13 September as part of the Sydney Fringe.


Monica, what was the initial inspiration behind this story?

It came from a few places. Firstly, the inspiration to write a play came from the fact that I had finished drama school and wanted to work! The idea to make it a play about a matchmaking agency came from the fact that romantic comedies are my favorite genre. They're almost exclusively made as movies and I really wanted to have a go at bringing it to the stage.


What is the play saying about the singles scene in Australia?

If it says anything (and if it does it's more of a mere comment) it's that while dating and relationships come naturally to some people it's like rocket science to others. All of our characters are pretty exaggerated though, they were definitely written to entertain.


How are you enjoying the Fringe experience so far?

Having my first play be part of the Fringe Festival is just so exciting. There's so much going on, particularly in theatre—all these new plays that are finally going to get an audience. I am however also acting in and producing my play, as well as being writer/director, so it's safe to say I'm a little crazy at the moment.

Have you worked with a dramaturg or had any assistance in developing the script?

I actually haven't. I did 'read throughs' with other actors and took notes based on their feedback. Luckily I have a very smart cast who know their characters inside out. If they feel something in the script isn't working for their character they're the first pick it up. It's great!


What kind of experiences can audiences expect to get from this production?

Bottom line is, this play is fun! My aim is that the audience leaves thinking 'I'm so glad I went to see that'. It's not the kind of play which makes you re-think your life or anything, but you will laugh. First at the characters and then at yourself.


Finally, what's your favourite Australian play, and why?

I saw this beautiful little play last year called Heaven by Kit Brookman. It was just so charming and clever. Definitely the best play I saw that year.




by Monica Zanetti

presented by Feet First Ventures and Sydney Fringe

Set in the office of “Strike- A- Match”, the highest regarded Match Making agency in the country, we meet 8 VERY different characters all looking for love. Through a series of interviews, as well as a “Perfectly Matched” date, we learn who they are, what they are looking for, and why, in their own words, they haven't been able to find “The one”. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking and unfortunately all too relatable.

13 - 16 September 2012

King Street Theatre - NSW  


Go to the Sydney Fringe website for more info

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