These resources have been created for the online learning world. You may know some of the selected plays and some may be new. It’s always great to make discoveries. Whichever is the case, Australian Plays recommends that teachers access and read a script before selecting it for their students.

Each script and the accompanying activities are designed as a mini unit of work or series of lessons for students to do solo, in pairs and in collaboration and take place over several days or spread across two or more weeks. It all depends on your students and the learning context.

For each selected play there are activities that include:

Links to the curriculum: at the end of each resource there are two tables that offer ideas about how the resources and the study of the plays link to the Australian Curriculum in the Arts, Drama and to aspects of each of the senior curriculum in Drama/Theatre. They are suggestions only but may offer educators way to consider why and how these scripts can address learning.

If you aren’t able to have a school production this term, consider how one of these plays can be your ‘production’ in the online space – please be aware you need to gain performance rights for any online performances which you can request from the Australian Plays website.

So, consider your students, what are they into? Which script might offer them some new learning about plays and theatre?


Over to you…and them.


Meg Upton

Education Curator

Australian Plays