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Female | Teen | 5 to 10 minutes
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EXTRACT: At the mall my eyes stretch so wide - it almost hurt how wide my eyes get at the mall. She takes me to all the best places, or so she tells me, because how would I know. There's Vivienne Westwood - she makes bags to die for; and Jean Paul Gaultier - tops and smells; and Valentino, he's the only designer who understands Reika's figure./ I'm just looking but Reika buys and buys, and my eyes get wider and wider. She thinks I should buy things as well and then maybe I'd stop missing home so much.


Female | Teen | over 10 minutes
Starts on page 8

EXTRACT: ..she wants me all virginal and uneducated so she can marry me off to one of her society-friends' sons. So I told her I'd already had sex, which was a lie, I said "five times actually mother", and I told her she was right, I did want a boy tutor so we could get down and dirty on the new frilly pink bedspread she just bought me, and learn the things that would really get me into university.


Female | 20s | over 10 minutes
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EXTRACT: I chose a career. This is my career. It's wonderful, traditional, important. I am one of the last remaining keepers of Japan's heritage. I studied so hard. I was devoted. Absolutely devoted. This is my craft. I am an artist. A true artist for... for what? A tourist circus, a visual spectacle, a novelty performance. I was born 100 years too late. Oh I long for those days. The days when it was less about money, and more about art, and beauty.