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EXTRACT: You fathered us, raised us; set out our choices and chose for us; you made us run the maze of your mind till we thought we were you and then you spat us out like phlegm to infect the world; you crippled us! I sat here Father, in this empty chapel; empty every day of the year, the doors locked, sat here in the dust to escape you; sat in the corner to play marbles on these stones while the storm of your life battered at the walls outside.


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EXTRACT: Because he was a deeply committed man, thoroughly enmeshed in the life of our country and carrying on all the great pioneering traditions that have made this country what it is. And let's face it, we're still a pioneering nation, with great unchartered wastes still to be opened up and put to productive use. And that's the way my Father would have liked it. Not to leave a dead world where everything had already been completed, but to leave one still brimming with opportunity and a nation with the courage to take it.