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EXTRACT: Or did it happen like this? You followed her to the garage, she managed to get into the car and lock it from the inside. Since you couldn't get at her, in your fury, you shut the roller door, leaving her trapped inside the garage. Now she, confused, cornered because of the events she'd unleashed that night, maybe also due to the alcohol she'd had at the bowling alley, wound down the driver window, started the engine, and ended her life.


Female | Age unspecified | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: When I was a child, friends, I often waited for my parents to come home after work but they didn't. Our house was built on a hill. From the living-room window, I could see down that hill and onto the streets of our town. After seven o'clock, the street in front of our house became more and more empty. The sun disappeared and night fell. I loved that moment of transition when daylight lost its sunny shine, became gray, eventually fading away into dark.