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EXTRACT: But was not until I fully liberated my gastric lavage upon him and that my zenith water arrived to him en masse that through my method and application and divine goodness and the steering of my hand and the constant labours of my lauded colleague Henry that the patient was raised from a state of universal rottenness to perfect health.They toast me in that town.And now I am here. It is only failure if you do not accept your failure.


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EXTRACT: The boy bit and ate. Bit it off in spurts and gore. Bit it off and growled on it. Between his teeth. Smiling and laughing or crying or some gut-drawn noise. I stabbed him. I stabbed the boy again again again again again again. And yet he went on. Not alive. Not dead. Next both the glands - the testes taken in their simple pouch in one guttural chomp. And then the eyes. And then through skin onto bone. Mr Gunner. Poor Mr Gunner. What things he cried to me I cannot repeat.