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Male | Teen | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: So I come back from the bathroom- the parties raging- Seb is dancing with Toni- Ron is following Pip like a puppy, and Greta’s dancing with Corey McCallister- the wanker. I grab two drinks and I steal her away. Now we’re in the garden- and she’s says something like - “I can’t believe you called me last month- woke up my family.” She hits my arm- note ladies we love that. Then she goes on about, “My Mum and Dad are probably splitting up because- blah blah blah- They never listen...

Contains adult themes


Female | Teen | Under 3 minutes
Starts on page 50

EXTRACT: It’s me… I don’t know why I’m still calling- my fingers just pushed your number. I’m a little green… Looking for a friendly voice I guess. You’re suppose to be here today. Is that a mistake? Is there a lightening bolt? A sign I should’a seen? (pause) You introduced yourself at a school dance- Grade seven. I still remember your ironed plaid shirt- black glasses from a cereal box. Even at twelve I knew they were tacky… But we danced… And danced… And now I see a picture of you...

Contains adult themes