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EXTRACT: I have lived in some pretty rough places. Ten years in boarding houses, and a bit of couch surfing - Newport and South Melbourne. See - in boarding houses there were some really violent criminals and many a time there my life was really at risk. Stabbings nearly always happened in the kitchen. It was either live in the boarding house or what, sleep rough? Oh, I wouldn’t have coped with sleeping rough. I’m told it’s my psychosis, but I’m sure that a human intruder gets up in the ceiling space in my house. You get tense about it.

Contains adult themes


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EXTRACT: Oohh, I love that…(funny posh voice) What Do I think ‘society’ should do! (strong, a bit angry) Every second white, middle class woman is suffering from anxiety these days and it’s nice, it’s acceptable – we can deal with it. But give you something like bipolar disorder, and we can pretty much accept that if someone’s high, but if they’re irritable, and it changes…we don’t like that. We don’t like people with border line personality disorder that make everything about themselves. And I tell you what, I feel for anyone with schizophrenia, I feel for them, because, they’re pretty

Contains adult themes