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The Waiter

Male | 20s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: THE WAITER (Into phone) Oiiiii, maaaatttteeee. Fuck’s up? ... Mate? ... Sorry Gran, wrong number. ... I said: SORRY GRAN. WRONG NUMBER. Hangs up. Re-dials. ... Oiiiii, maaaatttteeee. Fuck’s up? ... Yeahnah, yeahnah I’m good mate. Mate, you’ll never believe it. I’m at the bar, right, mindin’ my own biz, like, whatever, doin’ my job and that, and over-hear this girl talkin’, and she’s gettin’ all riled up and serious and whatnot, right, and I’m listenin’ to this and I’m like "oh shit oh shit what’s this chick goin’ on about", right, and I’m listenin’ and I’m listenin’, and she...

Contains coarse language