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EXTRACT: We laughed right onto our first plane flight, we laughed at the new sights and sounds, we laughed at smells that this new county threw at us, we laughed as we walked through the doors of Viet Duc hospital, we laughed at the 6 day, 12 hour shifts in intensive care… I stopped laughing when you were moved, I stopped laughing when you were told you were off to Phuctoy. We had just spent a couple of months, dealing with what comes through Phuctoy, the clearing station of Phuctoy. Front line triage.


Female | 20s | 3 to 5 minutes
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EXTRACT: Afterwards they tried to comfort me with words. ‘I remember when my father died, I held his hand as he slowly drifted off to sleep and he was at peace’. Well, guess what? I was up to my elbows in my father’s chest cavity and could feel his heart as he passed away. Literally, I could feel his heartbeat. I was elbow deep in his chest cavity and I could feel it, I could feel it get slower and slower. I knew when it stopped. I knew exactly when it stopped.