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Bishop Rubrick

Male | 50s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: I never thought friends could desert so quickly. I approached them for letters of support for Durst and the others, whom they know well, from many dealings. Some promised, some pitied, some frigidly refused, some regretted they could not help, and all said times have changed… times never stop changing, but true friendship does not, it is the fixture by which we know what change is! Or am I a fool to think this?

John Durst

Male | 40s | Under 3 minutes
Starts on page 98

EXTRACT: My faults are like rain. Yet they do not blur with time, each has a sharp singularity that stings like a pelting thunderstorm. Regrets are worthless but adversity teaches tolerance. It is a war for liberty, despite the inconvenience. Perhaps that may license the reading of my letter in church, or such of it as survives. Our censor has the rabbits like the rest of the population.