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EXTRACT: One day I turned up ... Christine's at her desk polishing this beautiful antique statue. Something Chinese from my mother's collection. “I want to see my father,” I tell her. “Well you can't,” she says. “Go make yourself useful.” Normally, I'd run off, but this day I stood my ground. I told her: “You work for my family, which means you work for me. And I want to see my dad.” She stands up. She stares me down with those cold eyes. And then she lifts the statue over her head and smashes it to pieces on the ground.

Ron Huck

Male | 50s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: Norton? Once, in my youth as a boy, I fucked a peacock. The experience was unpleasant; there was peer pressure involved. My tormentors said they would hurt my sister unless I acted and so I did. None of the other boys from my birthplace actually specified a peacock: they had, in fact, suggested a chicken they’d caught in a fox trap. I chose the peacock to impress them. Shock them, I suppose. I vaulted the wall of our town’s wealthiest denizen, crept up behind the bird and slaked my lust in their party garden.

Contains coarse language
Contains adult themes