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Dead Dorothy

Female | 60+ | Under 3 minutes
Starts on page 26

EXTRACT: Look Clancy look! I’ve come home! I went away but I always meant to come back! Your father sent me a letter from Perth. He said you had leukemia and had six months to live. All those months of pregnancy. The labour. Your tender face drunk with milk, nestling against my breast. All those baths and boiled nappies and carefully prepared meals. I nurse you in hospital in your final hours. Die my darling. It’s ok to die. I don’t call them until your little fingers unfurl around my wrist and your lips fade to a pale blue.

Dead Dorothy

Female | 60+ | 3 to 5 minutes
Starts on page 43

EXTRACT: SHUT UP for God’s sake! You whiny little… All those years of toil for what? My name in the literary canon. You made it mud for what? You could have dined out on my legacy. Your children could have grown up proud of their Nan. You turned it all to shit and why? Because you got fucked and you didn’t like it! Boo fucking hoo. I gave you girls complete freedom to express yourselves and this is how you thank me? Ungrateful little…my mother told me sex was a sin. I told you it’s God’s gift…who’s right, her or me?

Contains coarse language
Contains adult themes