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Female | Age unspecified | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: Basically, in a nutshell, my Dad’s dying. Of cancer. I know I sound really matter of fact, but the thing is he’s been ‘dying’ for three and a half years, since he was first diagnosed, and you get used to saying it without feeling anything. You have to, otherwise you’d always be bursting into tears or losing it in the middle of school, or on the bus or something. And anyway I never really believed it. Even though his isn’t one of those types you can cure early or anything – I’ve just never believed he was going to die.


Female | Teen
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EXTRACT: When I woke up I was wearing someone else’s t-shirt – I’ve got no idea where my top went – and there was a plate with half a toasted sandwich on it next to my bed. Obviously I was sober enough to cook when I got home, but too drunk to remember doing it. I mean what else did I do that I don’t remember? I’m too scared to ask anyone, in case it’s bad. I nearly didn’t come to school today. I’ve just got this shitty, knotty feeling in my stomach, like I’ve done something really bad, you know?