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Non-binary | Teen
Starts on page 8

EXTRACT: I think she’s smiling. I mean, I know she’s smiling, I-I can see it. I know what a smile looks like. I mean, I think she’s smiling at me. I kicked off the stupid shoes and plunged into the crowd. She grabbed me and pulled me past a group of grinding girls. Her grip is strong. She doesn’t let go. I’m covered in goosebumps. I do my awkward bop. She throws her arms into the air, taking mine with it. “Hey” I say. “Do you feel like one of those plastic wind thingys outside car sales yards?”


Female | Teen | Under 3 minutes
Starts on page 45

EXTRACT: I am reminded that I am not equal with my fellow students. I am sure I am not the only student who is affected by this unfair policy and that there are many couples here tonight who cannot hold the hand of the person they love. But what the hell. I’m going to anyway. I am going to hold her hand and dance with her and I am going to kiss her. And Miss T, you can put me in detention or suspend me or expel me, I don’t care. But you’ll have to wait until Monday.