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Female | 60+ | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: Where are you? Hiding. Hiding like a rat. A rat. A dirty, sneaky, foul-mouthed rat. A stinking, snivelling, smelly rat. I'd like to shake you, snap your back, hold you by your tail over the bin and drop you in. Give you a good smack. That's what your mother should have given you, a good smack. Too late now. Now you'd turn around and whack her right back. Look what she's made you. Brought a baby in the world and let it go to the pack. A Frankenstein with her monster brat. Where are you?

Contains adult themes


Female | 60+ | Under 3 minutes
Starts on page 32

EXTRACT: is the/ endless packing of a suitcase which can't be filled/ Running madly, grabbing at this, grabbing at that/ Should I take this sweater,this pair of shoes, will I need/ more socks, tops, an overcoat, my old red hat. Will I/ take this photograph or will the glass crack. And food, have I packed enough? Will I take wheat? What if/ there's no place to cook? And I'm looking, for/ something more, and I don't know/ what it is. But I must/ take it, I must find it, it must be packed.