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EXTRACT: My dad says I'll inherit the business one day if I work hard enough. He says people who work hard reap all the rewards...(pause) and if the Capricios don't undersell us...we'll be fine. (Looks to the right) They're our rivals, our enemies my dad says. He thinks that way. They come from Italy too. We're supposed to hate them. And I guess I do (pause)...although I'm not sure why.


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EXTRACT: You see the thing is...I've led a fairly ordinary life. My surname makes boys fake excuses. Most boys anyway. They call me the 'leper colony' at school...somebody to stay away from. They think my dad's the local generalisimo or something. I've dated a couple of brave ones though...usually with aunty Isobel one inch away. There was a boy once and dad wanted to meet him the next he came over and he put him through the 'are you good enough' routine. I just sat there and watched him get reduced to so much linguini.