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Male | 20s | Under 3 minutes

EXTRACT: [Addressing the audience]. There was no next year. This theatre mysteriously burnt down a week after the performance and Doug was the major suspect. I shifted house soon after COSI and so I only got one love letter from Cherry, who told me to think of her every time I played with the flick knife. Lucy and Nick? Well they didn't last long as both were not into fidelity.

Contains adult themes


Male | 60+ | Under 3 minutes

EXTRACT: Sometimes a vision is destroyed. [A beat] I had a dream, Jerry, and it is fading. There would be music, music of the spheres, colorful costumes, joie de vive, a world that was as far removed from this depressing asylum as possible. A world that was like my childhood: tea parties, dances in our ballroom, circus performers coming to perform just for me.


Male | 20s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: It was the fault of the psychiatrist. I'd been seeing him because of my pyromania - that's a person who likes lighting fires - but you probably know that, being university educated. You know the problem with pyromania? It's the only crime where you have to be at the scene of it to make it a perfect crime, to give yourself full satisfaction. 'Course, that means the chances of you getting caught are greater, especially if you're standing in front of the fire, face full of ecstasy and with a gigantic hard-on.

Contains coarse language
Contains adult themes