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Male | Teen | Under 3 minutes

EXTRACT: Sarabjit uncle is the hero in our family. He has seen the whole world and he drives a BMW. He owns a big business in London. But there have been all sorts of rumours about him - someone from our village had seen Sarabjit uncle at Heathrow airport. He claims uncle was cleaning toilets. But I don't believe this - people are jealous of Sarabjit uncle's success. How can a janitor buy a BMW? Bauji, my father retired as the head postmaster of Gurdaspur but he cannot buy a BMW. He drives a scooter. Bauji could have bought a small car if he didn't have to pay my fees. We were hoping the money we got from selling the farm would pay for the entire course but I've run out of it in 18 months. Fourth semester fees is due in three weeks.


Female | 20s | 3 to 5 minutes

EXTRACT: God, I am so tired … just want to grab a bite and sleep … [She finds a packet of bhujia, rips it open, eats a mouthful.] This fried bhujia is totally addictive—you can’t stop until you’ve finished the whole packet. I didn’t eat this shit in India—we had a cook and a fleet of servants who cooked three meals a day. [She picks up a bottle of wine.] I don’t trust my second-hand fridge—better finish the wine before it goes bad. [She drinks.] Just what I need after a long day.

Contains coarse language