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Female | 40s | Under 3 minutes
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EXTRACT: For a rock concert. We'd start in the new auditorium first, at two a.m.... Use garden rakes to rake up the cans, off the floor, we just rake them all up in piles, and pick them up, and I'm talking about sometimes... forty bags, you know, of cans, maybe more. And then we vacuum, then we wash the dance floor, a huge dance floor... quite a few hours. Because you're looking at mud.


Male | 20s | 3 to 5 minutes
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EXTRACT: I'm there up this big ladder, A-frame, a pretty tall ladder, I'm up top of that, big glass ball in my hand. All of a sudden rumble rumble, boom... Mid-air mate, and I'm running. Hit the ground. Straight out the door, don't break the ball. Put it back inside the door. Explosion, BHP, that sort of thing, gas, or something like that? Anyway, I've just bolted out the door... And I turn around and look back at the Club, and my jaw drops in unbelief, you know. I can't believe what had happened, and I've gone: 'Ah, no'.

Contains coarse language


Male | 30s | Under 3 minutes
Starts on page 14

EXTRACT: And there was that sorta sense of people at a car accident, you know, like you see a car accident, you hang around and you watch what'll happen. It was a huge stack, just like any other event, only it just happened to be an earthquake and lots of people died. So you're gonna hang around, and you're gonna watch, and you're gonna get in the way. And you'll try and get as close as possible.


Male | 20s | 3 to 5 minutes
Starts on page 33

EXTRACT: Anyway, he's put another jaws in on the other side ... but as he's lifting it it's unstable, and I can see it gonna go, and I grab the slab, and as I try to hold the slab, 'crunch', and the whole things just falls straight back down on her leg.