Daniel Keene's website, containing interviews, extracts, introductions and production histories.

Melbourne theatre: the witness

Richard Murphet, Real time Issue #43, June-July 2001

Richard Murphet's survey of Melbourne's theatre scene in the early 2000s, in which he discusses the Keene/Taylor Theatre Project.

45 Downstairs

A brief history of 45 Downstairs, host to a number of productions included in the Keene/Taylor Theatre Project.

National Library of Australia

Keene Taylor Theatre Project : programs and related material collected by the National Library of Australia, accessible for research purposes.

Two takes on truth and lies

Fiona Gruber, The Australian, October 2008

Whilst discussing the 2008 production of ' Lower Depths' by Maxim Gorky, Director, Ariette Taylor and the Australian's Fiona Gruber reflect on the aesthetic influences of the Keene/Taylor project, in particular a furniture repository belonging to the Brotherhood of St Laurence that was a cornerstone of many Keene/Taylor productions.

Kitchen table interview: Daniel Keene

Alison Croggon, theatrenotes.blogspot.com.au, Nov 2010

"For the first time I can remember, Daniel Keene has two productions on at once in his home town... Since he lives in the same house as I do, I sneakily exploited our proximity to ask him some questions. And, eventually, he answered them."

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