REVIEW: Rust and Bone by Caleb Lewis

Jodi McAlister, Australian Stage, 12 January 2013

"Rust and Bone is an incredibly skilful piece of theatre. Writer, director, and actors combine to create an incredibly complex piece of theatre which manages to never seem clumsy or unwieldly. Stories overlap. Worlds collide. Threads upon threads upon threads are interwoven to create a wonderfully rich tapestry."

REVIEW: Rust and Bone by Caleb Lewis

Elissa Blake, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 January 2013

"In one episode, a broken hand and guilty conscience compel a boxer to plumb the bloody realms of bare-knuckle prizefighting. In another, a junior executive salves feelings of emasculation in illegal dog-fighting. In a third story, a young man deals with having his leg bitten off by the killer whale he performed with in a marine park."

REVIEW: Rust and Bone by Caleb Lewis

Tomas Boot, Theatre People, 11 January 2013

"Men being men being men, is what Rust and Bone is all about. Griffin Theatre's first production of the 2013 season is an examination of masculinity, with all its conscious and subconscious facades, and what happens when the world conspires to tear these masks down. Men forced to feel, as it were."

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