REVIEW: 10,000 Beers by Alex Broun

Trod Dodds, Aussie Theatre, 1 October 2011

"The concept of the play is simple enough: An end of season footy trip, a pledge to drink 10,000 beers and the inevitable result that all goes wrong. But it is how Broun manages to pack in plenty of laughs, a whole heap of action and an investigation into the psyches of the typical football-playing male in between those dramatic opening and closing scenes that is the true class in this work."

REVIEW: 10,000 Beers by Alex Broun

Elissa Blake, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 October 2011

"Six eskies, four sports bags, four pairs of trainers, four guernseys, a pool cue and a mirrorball. These are the ingredients set out on a bare stage for this action-packed piece about male ego and a suburban rugby team on their annual boozy out-of-town trip."

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