REVIEW: Reception the Musical

Gay Miller, Stage Whispers, September 2014

"This is a flawless duet of music and acting which is comedic, energetic and highly entertaining. The energy level is maintained throughout the performance, so much so that one feels that there is still a pool of energy left at the finish. Both script and music are compatible and the comedy is constant and appealing."

REVIEW: Reception: The Musical

Jan Chandler, Aussie Theatre, 29 April 2014

"Reception: The Musical offers audiences a hilarious romp through the life of a supremely optimistic receptionist who is determined to make the best of everything. An entertaining night, full of laughter, is guaranteed."

REVIEW: Reception: The Musical

Anastasia Pantzis, Daily Review, 2 May 2014

"Reception is an entertaining honest production pulled off tirelessly and elegantly without any pretensions. It generates the right amount of laughs and applause, and Bethany Simons is a talent to watch."

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