Milkbarmag Review

Lachlan Baynes

"Sneakyville is never anything less than a confronting and challenging piece of theatre, creatively staged and ambitious in scope and scale."

Witness Performance Review

Rob Reid

"A masterful retelling... Bryant renders the voices of Manson and the Family with a concise ear for rhythm and cadence, acutely capturing the jinky, poetic tumble of messianic pop philosophy... [Sneakyville] creates an air of clinical detachment, suggesting a forensic investigation as well as the impenetrability of historical events and the blurriness of recollection."

Stage Whispers Review

Michael Brindley

"Sneakyville is at once a visceral experience and an intellectual and emotional challenge. ... Christopher Bryant isn’t the first to delve into our fascination with horror, the thrill of violence and the seductions of psychopaths – but he does it with incisive originality"

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