Theatre Red, Veronica Kaye, 2013.

"If you’re reading this, you’ve won the lottery of life...Indian Embrace by Carol Dance is a fascinating exploration of the responsibilities that come with winning the lottery of life. It’s a play about appreciating the connections we have with a wider humanity. Yes, the play is set in India. And, yes, it’s an Australian play. This is an exciting theatrical choice... Pure theatrical gold... deeply moving... both tears and laughter from the audience."


Mark Pigott, Sydney Arts Guide, 2013.

"Carol Dance has written an entertaining play about three Australian siblings
having a family reunion in Varanasi, India, their mother’s dying wish, and
their interaction with the Indian family running the guesthouse where they
stay. This scenario allows an interesting look the differences and similarities
between Indian and Western families, philosophies, societies, and cultures."


Priyanka, Weekend Notes, 2013.

"This engaging play about cultures, dreams, desires, friendship, families and
the Ganges is sure to make you laugh, cry and feel emotional about it."

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