Cameron Woodhead, The Age, September 2017

"...Too Ready Mirror zings along, fusing three worlds into one..." Cameron Woodhead, The Age.


Andrew Fuhrmann, Realtime, September 2017

"It’s a play that makes visible a web of labile connections between gender, sex and class, and points to the ways in which these constrain our everyday behaviours and interactions." Andrew Fuhrmann, Realtime.


Jesso Lewis, Melbourne Critique, September 2017

" incredible feat of theatrical wonderment..." Jessi Lewis, Melbourne Critique.


Theatre People, 2017

“I think we’re trained from so young to view the world through a male lens that when we’re presented with an alternate view it seems foreign. I hope we can move away from the notion that the straight, white male perspective is the norm and start seeing a myriad of perspectives on our stages, screens, and in general”. Jamaica Zuannetti, 2017.

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