Premiere Season


With Daniel Hunter, Sylvia Keays,

Alyssan Russell, Stephen Wilkinson

Director: Paul Gilchrist

Producer: Daniela Giorgi

Design: Rachel Scane


5th Wall, 2013

"This is original work, it’s new, it’s distinctively Australian, it should be setting off alarm bells in our literary departments." - 5th Wall


Stage Whispers, Stephen Carnell, 2013

"...Rocket Man delivers a powerful blast of passion, disappointment and anger..." - Stephen Carnell


The Sydney Morning Herald, Jason Blake, 2013

"Gilchrist crafts the build of tension and disquiet very well over the play's 65 minutes" - Jason Blake


Crikey, 2013

"Paul Gilchrist shines a hot spot in the eyes of culture in Rocket Man, an interrogation of form and function." - Crikey


Lisa Thatcher, 2013

"Paul Gilchrist successfully and oh so skillfully waves his audience around so many seemingly conflicting subjects with the alacrity and verve of a ballroom dancer, making the most skilled verbiage seem so simple." - Lisa Thatcher


Concrete Playground, Rima Sabina Aouf, 2013

"Theatre is poked fun at and picked apart in the course of this delicate relationship dramedy." - Rima Sabina Aouf

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