Time Out, Cassie Tongue, 2018.

" suggests that our capacity for compassion might be greater than even we know. It reminds us to care." - Cassie Tongue


Sydney Arts Guide, Judith Greenaway, 2018.

"One superbly created story provoking compassion for all." - Judith Greenaway


Suzi Goes See, Suzy Wrong, 2018.

"The consequences of war, as we see here, are undoubtedly bleak, but more significant is the play’s implication that compassion has become a challenge of our times, and although pervasive and banal, our cruelty is deplorable and deeply shameful." - Suzi Wrong


Realtime, Kaye Hall, 2018.

"The Sound of Waiting should be on every stage in every city and town in Australia." - Kaye Hall


Broadway World, Jade Kops, 2018

" engaging insight into the experiences of people who have had to flee their homelands, reminding people that for most it is a major decision and filled with anxiety and fear as they put their lives into other people's hands." - Jade Kops

World Premiere Season

Knock-em-Down Theatre and Brown’s Mart Productions, 2017

Radio Interview

ABC Radio, Darwin

Mary Anne Butler and Osamah Sami speak with Kate O'Toole in the rehearsal room.

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