My Melbourne Arts, Myron My, March 2019

"World Problems isn't only a show for humans. This is a show for every living thing on this planet." - My Melbourne Arts


Daily Review, TOBIAS MANDERSON-GALVIN March 2019

"... frustrating, bemusing, repellant, cute, crushing and irresistible... World Problems is an unambiguous warning and ... powerfully dystopian. Hall takes aim at a generation, and drags them beyond the problems of today or of the self, to face the far greater threats of the future of our own creation." - Daily Review


Theatre Press, Irene Bell, March 2019

"World Problems is simple in its presentation though grand in its ideas. It will make you feel calm and grateful, it will inspire you to appreciate every part of you, every good and embarrassing memory, and all the people in your life." - Theatre Press


Melbourne Critique, Jessi Lewis, March 2019

"A beautifully subdued work... What really makes the work shine are different intonations within the script; in single moments it is elating, and full of humour, the next second it turns upon itself and borrows into a universal sense of outrage... what this work proves is that art still has the ability, dare, the responsibility to continue to uphold pivotal conversations, which through discourse, still bring individuals together. " - Melbourne Critique


Witness Performance, Carissa Lee, March 2019

"World problems opens up the political consequences of how we view our personal worlds" - Witness Performance

"A solo show about our interconnected world. Inspired by the German pop-historian Oswald Spengler, the feminist theorist Donna Haraway, and the multi-million-billion-trillion lifeforms living and dying together in our biosphere."

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