Theatre People, July 2019

“One person’s idea of heaven, could be another person’s idea of hell and I find that fascinating,” she says. "I write from a very personal, introspective space and avoid speaking to a perspective that isn’t mine." - Emina Ashman, interviewed by Theatre People


Witness Performance, Alison Croggon, July 2019

"Ashman and her collaborators find a rich comedy in these impossibilities." - Alison Croggon


The Age, Cameron Woodhead, July 2019

" intricate, humorous, political and passionately soulful two-hander..." - Cameron Woodhead


Arts Hub, Ainsly Kerr, July 2019

"A poetic and hilarious two-hander that challenges reductive ideas of femininity and religion." - Ainsly Kerr

“Emina Ashman was a whirlwind of passion, wisdom and elemental emotion.”
– Girls on Key

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