Alternative Ending

Read the alternative ending to Michael Gow's 'Away' at Currency Press.


Kym Clayton, The Barefoot Review, 2013

"...It addresses a veritable treasure trove of themes, including family ritual and conflict, Australia at war, grief at the loss of loved ones, materialism, adolescent sexuality, terminally ill youth, acceptance and letting go."

Moan and Away

Sydney Morning Herald, 4 June 2004

Interview with Joseph Couch, director of the Sydney Theatre Company production of Michael Gow's 'Away'.


Bryce Hallett, Sydney Morning Herald, 12 June 2006

"Away is inspiring. To experience the play on such an intimate scale is a moment to treasure."

Away with Director Luke Morrison

K E Weber, Theatre People, 11 September 2011

Interview with director Luke Morrison, on the Purely Pensive Productions production of Michael Gow's 'Away'.


Jenny Holland, Kingsgrove High School, 2004

Word document (71kb). Teaching idea for 2004-5 HSC English contributed by NSW English Teachers’ Association member, Jenny Holland from Kingsgrove High School. This teaching idea is designed to supplement the teacher’s own unit of work on this module and elective.

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