ATSI Guidelines for Drama/Theatre Education

Drama Australia

The preparation of this document was commissioned by Drama Australia to foster access and participation in learning, taking in the broader context of Indigenous educational perspectives and redefining their relevance in the study of Contemporary Indigenou

The National Black Theatre

Zoe Pollock,, 2008

"The National Black Theatre was a theatre company run by a small group of Aboriginal people based in the Sydney suburb of Redfern. The original concept for the theatre grew out of political struggles, especially the land rights demonstrations which at the time were being organised by the Black Moratorium Committee...."

Justine Saunders: A fight against the stereotype

Gerry Carman,, April 2007

"JUSTINE SAUNDERS, the prominent Aboriginal actor of stage, film and television, played a key role in creating frameworks for other indigenous actors to develop their craft, and took a strong national stance on the issue of the stolen generation."

PROGRAM: The Cake Man

Belvoir and Yirri Yaakin Theatre Company

Link to program from Belvoir and Yirri Yaakin Theatre Company production of Robert Merritt's 'The Cake Man'.


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