Interview: Wesley Enoch

Kate Foy, Greenroom, 2011

The Greenroom's Kate Foy talks with Wesley Enoch following his first twelve months at the helm of Qeensland Theatre Company.

Black heat

Keith Gallasch, RealTime #67, June-July 2005

"Writer-director Wesley Enoch’s Black Medea is an uncompromising account of tensions between urban and traditional Indigenous cultures, represented by a woman caught between the two."

The mother of all tragedies

Jo Roberts, The Age, May 2005

"It's not just the telling of Euripides' tale, it's the telling of an indigenous experience."

A Review of Wesley Enoch's 'Black Medea'

An academic essay reviewing Wesley Enoch's production of Black Medea and comparing it to the original play of Euripides' Medea.

'Late' & 'Black Medea' colour-blind

John Coulburn, Sun Media, September 2009

'Black Medea' features in a double bill, presented by Toronto's Obsidian Theatre, reviewed by John Coulburn.

REVIEW: Malthouse Theatre, 2005

Helen Thomson, The Age, 2005

"Wesley Enoch's appropriation of Euripides' searing tragedy Medea as a vehicle to convey the contemporary tragedy of Aboriginal dispossession is an ambitious move that seems fully justified in terms of the scale of the problems he reveals."

Greek tragedy meets black Australia

Brendan Doyle, GreenLeft, April 2005

"The story of an Aboriginal woman from the desert coming to the city and coping with seeing her love slip away is so potent for Indigenous Australians."

REVIEW: Malthouse Theatre, 2005

Alison Croggon,, May 2005

"Enoch's production is unapologetically theatrical. As Medea, Margaret Harvey is skin-tighteningly compelling; the force of her curse literally gave me goosebumps."

Interview: Wesley Enoch

Currency Press, 2007

As Currency Press' featured author for August 2007, Wesley Enoch talks about 'The Story of the Miracles at Cookie’s Table', opening at Griffin Theatre that month.

“Somehow it’s about all of us”

B. Miller and H. Donkin, Philament - Issue 7, December 2005

“Somehow it’s about all of us”: Black Medea's White Taboo - "Wesley Enoch’s adaptation of the Euripides tragedy was performed at Belvoir St earlier this year. The author’s comment on the production and also examine the way other reviewers responded to the play."

ATSI Guidelines for Drama/Theatre Education

Drama Australia

The preparation of this document was commissioned by Drama Australia to foster access and participation in learning, taking in the broader context of Indigenous educational perspectives and redefining their relevance in the study of Contemporary Indigenou

Protocols for producing Indigenous Australian Drama

Australia Council for the Arts

The Australia Council for the Arts fully revised second edition of its Performing arts protocol guide will help Australians better understand the use of Indigenous cultural material. Free download or hard copy purchase available.

Indigenous art: collaboration and innovation

Keith Gallasch, RealTime #67, June-July 2005

"My own writing is a natural extension of my relationship with the work on the floor. I’m more of a director than a writer."


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