TEACHERS' NOTES: Parramatta Girls


Teachers' Notes for 'Parramatta Girls' by Alana Valentine, produced by Belvoir.

REVIEW: Parramatta Girls

Rebecca Whitton, Australian Stage, 25 March 2007

"In Alana Valentine’s humourous yet tragic and ultimately uplifting play, Parramatta Girls, a group of former inmates of a juvenile detention centre reunite to expunge their demons."

ARTICLE: Director’s Diary - Parramatta Girls

Robyn Morris, Beaumaris Theatre Company, for Stage Whispers

Director Robyn Morris writes about 'Parramatta Girls' by Alana Valentine, for Stage Whispers.

REVIEW: Parramatta Girls

Bryce Hallett, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 March 2007

"Parramatta Girls is desperately sad, honest, humorous and uplifting. It is a triumph for Valentine and company."

ARTICLE: Home Truths

Jacqui Taffel, Sydney Morning Herald, 17 March 2007

Article on 'Parramatta Girls' by Alana Valentine.

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