What I Wrote - Louis Nowra

Ronin Films

In this DVD, accompanied by a study guide, the writer discusses: key literary figures; development of his ideas and themes; motivation of his characters; adaptation of the texts; dramaturgy and staging of his plays; social and historical context of his plays; inspirational sources for his plays; tips for young writers.


Performance Cues, 2003

PDF download (758KB) Teachers' Notes for 'Cosi' by Louis Nowra.

Barry Otto talks about Cosi

Wheeler Centre

Video of Barry Otto talking about Louis Nowra's Cosi at Texts in the City in 2011, as part of Melbourne's UNESCO City of Literature Initiative. Drawing on his experience of playing colourful manic-depressive character Roy, the discussion covers the text’s political setting, the purity of love and hate and the power of theatre to bring new vitality to the disadvantaged and misunderstood. Otto also reads some notable scenes from the play.

Study Guide


A comprehensive analysis of the text, including plot breakdown, essay prompts and study tips. vcestudyguides.com has not been developed by the Victorian Department of Education.

An Interview with Louis Nowra (PDF download)

Gerry Turcotte, Kunapipi, 1987, Volume 9, Number 3, Pages 51-67

Perfecting the Monologue of Silence: An Interview with Louis Nowra. This is an edited version of an interview conducted at The University of Sydney, 17 December 1987

INTERVIEW: Louis Nowra (Not in Print podcast)

Currency Press, 11 July 2013

Not in Print speaks to Australian playwright Louis Nowra about his play 'Cosi'.

AUDIO: Trial by Madmen (Not in Print podcast)

Currency Press, 11 July 2013

Louis Nowra introduces his play 'Cosi'.

REVIEW: There's method in the madness at La Boite

Natalie Bochenski, Sydney Morning Herald, 14 February 2014

"Cosi is Australian theatre's great take on madness, filtered with a distinctly local sense of place and of humour."


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