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Wheeler Centre

VIDEO: Playwrights talk about finding their unique style and methodology, and the personal experiences that inspire their work. Raimondo Cortese, Hannie Rayson, Lally Katz and Jenny Kemp discuss the dramas of drama with Dr Denise Varney. Recorded at the Wheeler Centre in September 2011.

REVIEW: Broken Hungarian is a rhapsody in the key of Nevin

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 July 2011

"Playwright Lally Katz and Belvoir associate director Simon Stone have created one of the most affecting works of theatre seen so far this year, one that is tender yet hard-edged."

REVIEW: Neighbourhood Watch

Rebecca Whitton, Australian Stage, 28 July 2011

"Neighbourhood Watch is both entertaining and substantial. It is a funny and touching play about a friendship between a young woman, Catherine, and her old Hungarian neighbour. For a comedy, it is full of depth and rich with ideas. It examines the need for friendship, the value of both innocence and experience as well as the pitfalls of trusting too much and not enough. It also reflects on the European experience of World War 2, and the dislocating effect it has had upon our migrant population."

INTERVIEW: An Interview With Lally Katz

Belvoir, 2011

Lally Katz, writer of Neighbourhood Watch - interviewed by Kate McDowell Wed 20 July 2011.

ARTICLE: Understanding Ana's Journey

Melbourne Theatre Company, 28 March 2014

"In Neighbourhood Watch, we learn of Ana’s traumatic upbringing in Hungary before she emigrated to Australia. In this article from the Neighbourhood Watch programme, Paul Galloway looks at Hungary’s troubled recent past, and the reasons people like Ana fled to Australia."

ARTICLE: Meetings with remarkable women

Melbourne Theatre Company, 18 March 2014

"Neighbourhood Watch was a smash for Belvoir in 2011 and Lally Katz’s biggest success yet, giving her theatrical recognition beyond the Melbourne independent scene where most of her plays have been performed. Although she had always told Ana she was writing a play about her, Lally didn’t think it really clicked with her until the Opening Night at Belvoir. Her reaction to the play was somewhat typical, says Lally: ‘It was a mixture of being very pleased and wanting to sue me.’"

INTERVIEW: Lally Katz (Not in Print podcast)

Currency Press, 2 April 2014

Not in Print speaks to Australian playwright Lally Katz about her play 'Neighbourhood Watch'.

AUDIO: The Process Podcast

The Process, 12 July 2011

Lally Katz speaks to The Process as one of a series of interviews with leading Australian based artists working in the performing arts about their creative process.

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