REVIEW: When The Rain Stops Falling

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 May 2009

"Intriguing from the start, Andrew Bovell's drama takes us on a looping journey that stretches back to late '50s London before leading us back to the future."

REVIEW: Reigning playwright's future tense

Martin Ball, The Age, 15 October 2009

"Andrew Bovell's 2008 play When the Rain Stops Falling is a family drama whose moral is that repressing secrets just makes them fester. Yet if this sounds like every other American theatre saga, Bovell's carefully layered script nevertheless transcends the usual cliches to deliver a moving and often enthralling dramatic experience."

PROGRAM: When the Rain Stops Falling

Black Swan Theatre Company, 2011

Program for the Black Swan Theatre Company's 2011 production of When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell

TEACHERS' NOTES: What I Wrote by Andrew Bovell

Snodger Media, 2009

This study guide for What I Wrote: Andrew Bovell has been written for senior secondary students. It provides information and suggestions for learning activities in English, Literature, Theatre Studies and Drama. PDF (1.0MB)

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