REVIEW: Honour by Joanna Murray-Smith

Emma Bell, Stage Whispers

"This play is up close and personal. It may hit a tender spot for those who've come close to a situation similar to one of these characters as the delivery is so realistic. It’s a fly on the wall view into the lives of this upper-middle class couple’s exhausting, confronting, yet also tender and poignant journey through life and love."

REVIEW: Outstanding cast does Honour to Murray-Smith play

Jenny Blain, ABC Arts, 5 May 2010

"Joanna Murray-Smith's play Honour finds new relevance in a treatment that is intelligent, intelligible and beautifully nuanced."

REVIEW: Honour | Sydney Theatre Company

Jack Teiwes, Australian Stage, 23 April 2010

"For those with the patience for rich, thought-provoking drama, this engrossing study of moral frailty and emotional turmoil will be tremendously rewarding, brought vibrantly to life by some truly excellent performances."

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