ARTICLE: Schoolgirls play who dares sins

Elissa Blake, Sydney Morning Herald, 18 March 2012

"It's a really interesting time to be writing a play that examines sexual mores and teenage sexual health.''

REVIEW: Truck Stop | Q Theatre Company

Rebecca Whitton, Australian Stage, 9 June 2012

"Truck Stop is a thought provoking and deeply challenging play that doesn't offer easy solutions and in fact, poses more questions than it answers."

REVIEW: Truck Stop | Q Theatre at The Seymour Centre

Augusta Supple, 16 June 2012

"Lachlan Philpott’s Truck Stop is not only a very entertaining and engaging play, but one of the most culturally important, artistically significant and socially relevent portraits of where we are, right here and now."

ARTICLE: Truck Stop

Darryn King, TimeOut Sydney, June 2012

"Truck Stop may have teen protagonists and a teen audience in mind ­– its three young actresses have been listening to Ke$ha, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj as part of their ongoing preparation – but, as with Silent Disco, the themes are way bigger than the schoolyard."

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