ARTICLE: Beyond the bloodshed

Andrew Stephens, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 March 2012

"A DECADE after the Port Arthur massacre, some of the people who had been in the Broad Arrow Cafe agreed to speak with playwright Tom Holloway about what had happened to them. They spoke about the injuries inflicted on them - about the sorts of wounds that don't leave physical scars."

REVIEW: Beyond The Neck, Red Stitch Actors Theatre

Kate Herbert, Herald Sun, 23 March 2012

"Audiences will be deeply moved by this fine production."

ARTICLE: Beyond The Neck

Bella Arnott-Hoare, Beat Magazine, March 2012

"Having shown in Sydney as well, the play comes to Melbourne’s Red Stitch Theatre for the first time, all the more poignant as the majority Port Arthur’s survivors live in Victoria. While possibly resurfacing painful events the story still resonates for audiences and cast-members alike."

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