Australian Plays is outward looking, ambitious in its connections to the rest of the world and active in seeking new pathways for Australian writers and their works. There is a risk in the industry that we look only inward, talking only to ourselves, even across these vast distances. Our new collaboration with the Atelier Theatre Company marks the beginning of another exciting partnership; Atelier is a powerhouse company led by Kuljeet Singh, bringing high-quality theatre to New Delhi and beyond with its touring Atelier Campus Theatre Festival (ACTF). As part of ACTF 2020, Australian Plays provided a long-list of 100 significant works from across the industry, representing a curated snapshot of classic, cutting edge and contemporary works from every state and territory in Australia, by hugely diverse writers and for differing audiences. From this list, Atelier Theatre Company have chosen two works to receive dramatic readings.

We’re delighted that Atelier Theatre Company will explore Michele Lee’s brilliant Rice and Rashma N. Kalsie’s thought-provoking Melbourne TalamEach work speaks to a contemporary Australia and the constant navigation of identity, belonging and culture at work in our often still startlingly-Anglo country. Importantly for us, these are not works chosen by a single individual, but represent a depth of reading and consideration by theatre makers in a differing creative environment.  We're excited to hear how these works are received and what new connections are hopefully born. This is an ongoing collaboration around support mechanisms for playwriting services - which despite the current uncertainties - makes a firm commitment to promote and celebrate Australian plays and playwrights to the broadest audience possible. We hope that this is not only a collaboration but an exchange, with works by significant Indian playwrights being able to be explored and staged here - celebrating and discovering our rich theatre traditions together.

We are very grateful to Hema Singh Rance – Manager, Cultural and Public Diplomacy at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi – or for her support and guidance and for connecting us to Atelier.

- Carin Mistry & John Kachoyan


With so much in common in regard to cultural diversity, linguistic plurality & multiple living literary traditions, India and Australia share an extremely interesting relationship. Diasporic writings add another layer to this intricate phenomenon and Atelier Theatre is profoundly keen to initiate, explore and problematise this through dramatic readings; new writings; and eventually producing theatre productions for both the regions, especially through translations and adaptations.
What is of immense importance is the process of finding the path and we at Atelier are very sure there is excitement ahead. Adding a day of Australian Plays' Dramatic Readings at Atelier's Campus Theatre Festival Season 12 is a small beginning to the long term vision.
Curator of Atelier's ACT Festival
Creative Director, Atelier Theatre, India