I am thrilled to have my play, Melbourne Talam, read at Atelier ACT Festival. It feels like a homecoming of a play that is so rooted in India and Melbourne. Most Indians have either migrated cities or have a family member living overseas. I think they will relate to the stories and the metaphor of finding the rhythm in a new city. My deepest gratitude to Australian Plays and Atelier Theatre Company for taking the play to India.
- Rashma N. Kalsie
I am thrilled to have RICE read in the Atelier Theatre Festival. I travelled to India about six years ago, as part of my research. So it seems very fitting that it now gets a reading in India...the reading may expose inaccuracies in the details or in the big picture stuff! But I hope it's robust enough to withstand that! I'm wishing the programming team, the director and the actors well and can't wait to hear the feedback.
- Michele Lee