Griffin Award for New Australian Playwriting

The Griffin Award recognises an outstanding play or performance text that displays an authentic, inventive and contemporary voice.

Plays or performance texts submitted may be original ideas or adaptations from other forms.

Below is a list of Griffin Award winning scripts available on For more information and a full list of past winners visit

Past winners

2018 PRIMA FACIE by Suzie Miller

2015 THE TURQUOISE ELEPHANT by Stephen Carleton

2014 The Bleeding Tree by Angus Cerini

2013 JUMP FOR JORDAN by Donna Abela

2012 THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE by Vivienne Walshe

2010 BRUTOPIA by Aidan Fennessy

2009 Silent Disco by Lachlan Philpott

2008 WHORE by Glace Viede

2005 THE CARNIVORES by Ian Wilding

2004 Mr Bailey's Minder by Debra Oswald

2002 Songket by Noƫlle Janaczewska

2002 PRESENCE by Patrick van der Werf

2001 BURNING by Verity Laughton

2000 BELOW by Ian Wilding

1999 Alive at Williamstown Pier by Neil Cole

1998 CLARK IN SARAJEVO by Catherine Zimdahl

Past nominees

2017 BIG HEART by Patricia Cornelius

2016 BODY FARM by Michael Andrew Collins

2015 HOME INVASION by Christopher Bryant

2014 BROKEN by Mary Anne Butler

2010 CLOSE by Kit Brookman

2010 SLEEPYHEAD by Nathaniel Moncrieff

2007 Colder by Lachlan Philpott


2007 FREEDOM by Ron Elisha

2006 Checklist For An Armed Robber by Vanessa Bates

2006 THE SWEETEST THING by Verity Laughton

2006 LOVE FIELD by Ron Elisha

2006 HONOUR KILLING by Ron Elisha

2005 BLOOD LIBEL by Ron Elisha