Patrick White Playwrights Award

The Patrick White Playwrights Award is an annual Australian literary award established jointly by the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Morning Herald in honour of the contribution made by Patrick White to Australian Theatre. The award was launched in 2000.

The $20 000 cash award is the largest playwright award with a cash prize in Australia and is given for an unproduced play to foster the development of Australian playwrights. In addition, the winning play is given a public reading presented by the Sydney Theatre Company in association with the Sydney Writers Festival.

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Past winners

2019 SUPERHEROES by Mark Rogers

2014 THE MAN'S BITCH by Debra Thomas

2010 Beached by Melissa Bubnic

2008 BLOODWOOD by Nicki Bloom

2008 THE MAN IN THE ATTIC by Timothy Daly

2007 Wretch by Angus Cerini

2005 The Story of the Miracles at Cookie's Table by Wesley Enoch

2004 Constance Drinkwater and The Final Days of Somerset by Stephen Carleton

2003 Windmill Baby by David Milroy

2002 LAST CAB TO DARWIN by Reg Cribb

2001 LUCKY by Toby Schmitz

2001 BED by Brendan Cowell

2001 THE ALIENS by Jackie Smith

Past nominees

2018 WE ARE THE HIMALAYAS by Mark Langham

2017 TSUNAMI by Ned Manning

2014 FURTHEST WEST by Michael Andrew Collins

2014 IN THIS WAKING HOUR by Michael Lill

2013 MOTHERLAND by Katherine Lyall-Watson

2011 CLOSE by Kit Brookman

2007 BARE WITNESS by Mari Lourey

2006 HONOUR KILLING by Ron Elisha


2005 THE MARK OF CAIN by Leigh Swinbourne

2005 THE CARNIVORES by Ian Wilding

2004 RAY'S TEMPEST by Steve Rodgers

2003 SLOW FALLING BIRD by Christine Evans

2003 COUP D'ETAT by Justin Fleming