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"At the heart of every story lies the reason for telling it. Sometimes these
reasons are personal and therapeutic, and sometimes the story takes on a 
social/political role – a national metaphor – and is told for the benefit of many."

- Wesley Enoch, 2007

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THE PROMISE by Jadah Milroy

The Promise is a musical drama with a full existing score by Dalmazio Babare. Vikala's ...

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KING HIT by David Milroy

Published in CP-1488 Contemporary Indigenous Plays An acclaimed play that strikes at th...

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BUCKLEY'S HOPE by Ernie Blackmore

In 1955, following the death of her husband, young Aboriginal woman Maree Turner reluctant...

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BELONGING by Tracey Rigney

Follows the taunts and temptations of a school girl, and her personal struggle to remain t...

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We Are Survivors premiered in the Peacock Theatre, Hobart in 1984 for the Salamanca Arts F...

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ONLY GAMMON by Anthony Newcastle

From Australia's first full-time and on-going indigenous theatre company come these texts ...

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CASTING DOUBTS by Maryanne Sam

A funny and at times heart-wrenching play about an actors' casting agency with more colour...

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A Cultural Lesson is a short work set in 2028 but written in 1987 when the playwright work...

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"Let this table be a home for me. Let it be a home for all the lost and the hungry. May al...

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WILDCAT FALLING by Alan Becher et al

Nineteen-year old anti-hero Wildcat has been released from Fremantle Jail after serving an...

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THE CAKE MAN by Robert Merritt

Published in CP-359 Plays of the 70s Volume 2 This landmark play portrays life on a mis...

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MURRAS by Eva Johnson

Published in CP-100 Australian Women's Drama: Texts and Feminisms An Aboriginal woman, ...

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UP THE ROAD by John Harding

A celebration of life, love and family set in the remote Aboriginal community of Flat Cree...

YIBIYUNG by Dallas Winmar

This is a song of hope and change, a celebration of fronting up and finding place and fami...

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THE DREAMERS by Jack Davis

With humane irony the Western Australian poet, Jack Davis gives a painful insight into the...

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WELCOME TO COUNTRY by Colleen Johnson

The main character, Mavis, is an Aboriginal grandmother who is babysitting her four grandc...

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BITIN' BACK by Vivienne Cleven

Published in CP-1488 Contemporary Indigenous Plays Adapted from her award-winning novel...

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GOT NO DOT by Sam Cook

A day in the life of Ol Girl, Arrnt, Uncle, Brothaboy, Sistagirl, Cuz and Token Whitey as ...

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UP THE LADDER by Roger Bennett

This play evokes the blood and sweat, the smell of the sawdust and the momentary fame of t...

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Imagine that you're a Koorie, that you're in your mid-twenties, that your job is to look i...

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RAINBOW'S END by Jane Harrison

Published in CP-1488 Contemporary Indigenous Plays Set in the 1950s in the northern Vic...

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BROTHERS WRECK by Jada Alberts

Mob can’t survive like that, you can’t survive like that. We gotta talk to eac...

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ENUFF by John Harding

A violent uprising is planned for Reconciliation Day in a future Australia. Will retributi...

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NO SUGAR by Jack Davis

Commissioned for the 1985 Perth Festival, this is the spirited story of the Millimurra fam...

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CROW FIRE by Jadah Milroy

The story of a young, urban Indigenous Australian woman and a man from a desert community ...

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