Perth Theatre Company

Perth Theatre Company leads Western Australian theatre in the creation of new, energetic and adventurous theatre that challenges and excites audiences and creates new opportunities for WA artists.

Perth Theatre Company is supporting West Australian playwrights through their new initiative, 'The Writers' Lab' as well as through their auspice program 'Umbrella!', which supports independent artists to produce their own work. Perth Theatre Company tours annually throughout regional Western Australian, visiting small, isolated areas as well as large cities and towns. Perth Theatre Company also tours nationally and internationally with works of critical acclaim.

Perth Theatre Company has an outstanding reputation for producing works of exceptional quality.

Below are previously produced plays in reverse chronological order.

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BENCH by Hellie Turner add to cart
MARMALADE AND EGG by Melissa Cantwell add to cart
THE RETURN by Reg Cribb add to cart
STORIES FROM SUBURBAN ROAD by Alan Becher add to cart
TAKING LIBERTY by Ingle Knight add to cart
BABY BOOMER BLUES by Alan Becher add to cart
COVERT by Robert Jeffreys add to cart
COX FOUR by Robert Jeffreys add to cart
THE GETAWAY BUS by Ingle Knight add to cart
THE MULE'S FOAL by Alan Becher et al add to cart
THE EXPLODING BREAKFAST by Ingle Knight add to cart

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